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Kali1 for EVE Online to be released

Kali1, the next content update for EVE Online, is set to release November 28th. So anyone who reads this and plays EVE, be sure to set a long-training skill before then. Some of the new features in Kali1 will be:

The new seamless map and navigation system.
I’m not sure I like this new feature. In my tests on Sisi, I couldn’t really operate it well enough to find any of the cool stuff CCP said I would be able to find. Such as the new Complexes. Still, it’s a neat looking feature, and surely it’ll make things a little more interesting.

The new Salvage Module and related skills.
This one I’m not really looking forward to by itself, but because of the other feature it will be part of…

The new “Rigs”.
I AM looking forward to this feature. Rigs are new modules that extend the offensive/defensive capability of your ship. I’m not certain exactly what rigs will be available, but if there are some that will extend the armor/shield capabilities of the Covetor mining barge, I’m all for it.

The new Invention skill.
This is probably the best new feature, and the one I’m really, really looking forward to. This skill will allow a player to take a Tech 1 Blueprint Copy, and have a chance of turning it into it’s equivalent Tech 2 copy. Meaning there is now another route to get Tech 2 item/ships other than the research lottery. This will increase the supply of Tech 2 parts and ships, and hopefully help lower the outrageous prices of T2 items.


New Ships.
I don’t particularly care about this, but it is neat. The new Minmatar Battlecruiser is almost the shape of a Star Wars Star Destroyer (though not near as cool). Tier 2 Battlecruisers and Tier 3 Battleships for all four empires are included in Kali1.

This is only the first part of the full Kali release. There is going to be at least one more major Kali release (called, oddly enough, Kali2), and possibly a third. No date has been mentioned on Kali2.Check out the EVE Devblogs for more info. Seeya around the galaxy!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

To all our U.S. visitors, a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Image

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EVE Online owns me

If you’re a fan of space-based MMORPGs (that’s Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game to the uninitiated), then you will love EVE. It’s about as MASSIVE as you can get in a MMORPG. Over a hundred IBM bladecenter servers and RAMSANs power the single immense gameworld. A huge galaxy with over 5,000 individual systems. Many systems have multiple moons, asteroid and ice fields, and stations, so there’s ALWAYS something to do.

A persistent universe, your character continues training even when you’re not online, and the graphics have to be seen to be believed.

EVE Screenshot, &#169 CCP

As you can see, the graphics are truly extraordinary.  As long as you have a good video card, you’ll have plenty of eye candy.

Even more amazing, all this goodness can be played over a 56k internet connection.  That’s right.  If you’re stuck on dial-up internet, you can still play EVE.

Check it out.  Go to this link to get a free 14-day trial.  Comment and let me know what you think.

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The new Rantspace

This will be my new Rant/Rave space. I’m testing it out. If it works better than the static pages I’ve been doing, this will be my new site.

I’m not sure I’ll actually get to that point, though. After all, those pages have been up for a while now. I’d hate to see all that work gone. I may turn them into static pages. I’m just not sure yet.

I’ll even be playing with my own podcast in the not too distant future. I already help produce the EDU Podcast, but it’s using a completely different type of RSS management. I’d like to see how good/bad Worpress and Podpress can do the same job.

Well, so much for my first post. Look for more later.

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