The global warming consensus cools

The global warming consensus cools

The global warming consensus cools.


Whooo, that felt good.  You know, everyone’s been so busy with global scre…I mean, Global Warming, that they haven’t taken the time to actually LOOK outside at the temperatures.  It doesn’t help that there’s conflicting reports from biased sources citing that the arctic ice is low, it’s high, it’s about the same.  Not to mention that it’s the hottest/coolest year on record.

I just think it’s complete hubris to think we do enough to actually affect weather.  No one has given me undeniable facts to support that man is causing a global meltdown.  And in fact, how can we know, when we only started gathering weather data about a hundred years ago?

In school, they told me that most climate changes occur over hundreds, or even thousands of years.  Were they wrong?  Who knows, we haven’t been keeping records long enough to tell!

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