Unto The Breach by John Ringo – Baen Books

Unto The Breach by John Ringo – Baen Books

Cover Image “Unto The Breach” is another in book in the Ghost series of novels by John Ringo. Warning: This is not for children! It has strong sexual content, and a lot of violence. Still, it’s a very good book. I love most of John’s books. He writes well, and his books tend to be controversial or at least very politically INcorrect. This one is no different.

If Harlequin wrote romance novels for men, this would exemplify them as a genre. Guns, sex, women, and violence. What more could a guy want? You can’t help but chuckle when the main character gets to blow up terrorists, save the damsel in distress, and show her that “happily ever after” actually means “happily ever after in bed”.

In this fourth novel, Michael Harmon, aka Mike {insertnamehere} and the Keldara are tracking down terrorists (a hobby of Mike’s), rogue Russian bio-scientists (will they never learn?) and a doomsday weapon (fortunately, one of Mike’s specialties).

Without giving away too much, Mike and his trusty band of Viking warriors sneak across a border to attack terrorists with a super-smallpox bio-weapon.  It’s considered impossible, which is why Mike is asked to do it.  It’s as exciting as all the other books, so if you enjoyed them, you’ll enjoy this one as well.  This series is going strong, and Ringo hasn’t let it lose it’s sparkle.  So check it out!

Remember that Baen books sells ebooks of frontline authors much, much cheaper than any other publisher, and even has free ones available.  So check the link above out.  Buy it, read it, love it!

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