EDU still down, but coming up!

Ok, ok.  I realize it’s been forever.  But we ARE working on it!  The board is up, the portal is working, the new Podcast feed is up.  The EDU stream is up.  We’re just waiting on Sir Stringer to finish his work on the look and feel.  Basically, he’s making it look good.  Bear with us.  Be patient.  Your patience WILL be rewarded!

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3 Responses to EDU still down, but coming up!

  1. Hatter says:


  2. Gelcube says:

    God, ask stringer, not me! LOL

  3. Gelcube says:

    Update: We will be coming up very soon. I think Stringer has finished (or nearly so) the mods to the site. It looks great!

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