People are cows (or sheep)

I’m speaking of the tendency in people to “herd”. Sheep flock, but not in the same way. That’s why I’m using cows in this rant. I’m merely making an observation, but how many of you out there actually THINK while going about your daily business? How many of you are simply on “auto-pilot”?

Here’s an example. I work at a bank. Just a small community bank. I was watching the drive-through at one of our branches. I noticed that 90% of the people would pull up to the commercial lane…even if they had NO commercial business to do. Even if all they wanted to do was cash a personal check, they would pull into the commercial lane. Now, maybe you say, “They just want to see someone’s face,” and that may be true. But consider this. The reason you go through a drive-through is to save time. Here you are in a line three cars long, in a lane you’re not supposed to go in anyway, when there are THREE other lanes with NO ONE in them.

Now here’s the rub. Say a person comes in, and pulls into one of the empty lanes. At least one person will pull OUT of the commercial line, and pull behind the car that just pulled in. NOT into an empty lane, but into another LINE! If that’s not herd mentality, I don’t know what is! Only when someone comes by that creates a new “herd” (line), will people begin to use that lane. It’s beyond strange. It’s pure herd mentality. Cows. The world’s populated by cows.


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