Site revamp and fixes!

Ok, so I made the mistake of upgrading php on the site, and borked everything. Luckily, WordPress is pretty forgiving and I was able to delete everything, install the latest WP, and copy all the database entries over the the new tables. Got everything back up. And I was able to fix the family tree part of the site as well, though I lost a lot of media. Not sure where it went. I don’t remember deleting any of it. But at least the data is mostly there. I have found some errors, but hopefully I can get them fixed soon.

Lot of stress going on right now. John is graduating high school in a week, and there are a lot of recitals and concerts to attend. With work and all this personal stuff going on, stress levels are through the roof! But we just have to remember that yes, this too shall pass.

Stay strong, everyone!

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